Child and Family Studies

The Child and Family Studies program has been approved by the National Council on Family Relations for graduates of the program to become Certified Family Life Educators through an abbreviated application process. The Child and Family Studies program provides the tools for understanding and working with children and families in a variety of settings. The program of study focuses primarily on the various stages of human growth and development over the life span, families in society, diverse relationships within families, human sexuality, family resource management, parenting and family law and public policy. Students in this program are trained to integrate knowledge of child/adolescent development, adult life stages and human relations into service-oriented assistance.

To obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Studies, students are required to complete 42 semester hours of child and family studies courses which includes an internship in an appropriate community agency. The curriculum also includes courses in such areas as math, English, modern languages, history, behavioral sciences, computer science, the arts, statistics and biological and physical sciences. In addition, students must complete an 18 hour minor in another field (such as psychology, modern languages, business, etc.) that is in some way related to child and family studies or students' career interests.

Child and Family Studies Early Childhood Laboratory